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Ivy Ross Ricci is a nationally recognized teacher, musician, and activist who thoughtfully incorporates philosophy, poetry, humor, storytelling, and a radical understanding of human potential into accessible songs and social service. She believes in the power of everyday life lessons to draw us all into the heart of Creativity, Empathy, and Awareness. Her work with youth and adults aims to dismantle discrimination based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity.


Based in Port Angeles, Washington, Ivy has spent the last 20 years championing on behalf of the freedom and creative expression of girls' and women's voices nationwide.

“Girls Sit Screaming," is a culmination of two decades of groundwork as a songwriter, educator, and collaborator. It is an honest song of defiance and freedom that exposes the many double standards that girls and women experience in the classroom, in the workplace, and in our society in general. It is an anthem for the cultural shift we are experiencing in which women's voices are heard, believed, and valued.

While her work focuses on the experiences of girls and women, Ivy is dedicated to establishing an inclusive environment that pays attention to the needs of all gender identities.



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