Photograph by Michael Loeb

Since 1996, Ivy has been recognized for her contributions and leadership in the fields of girls’ empowerment, literacy, public art, women’s health, juvenile justice & youth advocacy, music education, teen peer leadership training, implementation of anti-bias curricula, and creative after-school programming.

Ivy is a diligent, committed visionary and an inspirational communicator who is equally insightful, emotionally and intellectually.
— Zak Barnett, ZBS Acting Studio, Los Angeles

Ivy’s Mission is grounded in 20 plus years of


Students working alongside Ivy can expect to:

  • Be respected

  • Be heard

  • Be asked to deepen their thinking and questioning of current mainstream cultural constructs

  • Be directed inward towards their own wellspring of creativity & wisdom

  • Be introduced to new ways to practice and work.

  • Learn what it means to live with a question

  • Benefit from Ivy’s lineage, and all that she has learned from the Teachers who have impacted her including (but not limited to) Kurt Lamkin, Mark Statman, Tao Porchon-Lynch, bell hooks, Alice Walker, Christina Sell, Lee Lozowick, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Darren Rhodes, Indra Devi, Zora Neale Hurston, Helen Nearing, Isha Meyers, Pauline Chodek, Jean Taussig, Myles Horton, Paolo Freire, all of her blood and chosen family, and the sky itself.

She brings an attentive, gentle, cheerful, and patient attitude to teaching. It is clear that she finds inspiration in the responses of the children to the music, and gladly and adeptly incorporates their ideas. She is a joy to work with and the children respond with great affection and enjoyment to her sweet and fun style of teaching.
— Emily Wahl, Willow Tree, Portland, OR

Organizations Ivy has Worked with

  • CityArts, NYC

  • Teachers & Writers Collaborative, NYC

  • GreenBridge Pottery, Dayton, MD

  • Each One Reach One, San Francisco

  • The Boys & Girls Club, San Francisco, Austin, New Orleans, Brattleboro, Camas

  • Columbia Hospital For Women, Washington, DC

  • Rock n Roll Camp For Girls, Portland, OR

  • Anti-Defamation League, A World of Difference Program @ BUHS, Brattleboro, VT

  • Turning Point, Prescott, AZ

  • The Catalyst, Prescott, AZ

  • WEB Conference, Prescott, AZ

  • Community Women’s Resource Center, Prescott, AZ

  • Young Audiences, Portland, OR

  • No School Art School, Portland, OR

  • Creative Science School, Portland, OR

  • Willow Tree, Portland, OR

  • Rio Grande School, Santa Fe, NM

  • Youth Music Project, West Linn, OR